• Dura-Finish Gloss


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    This is the ultimate protection for your Longbows, Recurves, and Selfbows.  This epoxy finish has been formulated to provide the most durable and beautiful finish for your bow project.  It is impervious to water, gasoline, chemicals and the hard-knocks of hunting, bowfishing and traveling to shoots.  This epoxy finish is easy to apply and touch-up.  It will add years of service and beauty to your bows.

    Flat and Gloss Finish come in pint and quart kits with Hardener.  Needs Reducer / Thinner, also included in the kit.

    Sold as:

    2 PINT KIT (set of one pint part A Finish, one pint part B Hardener, and Reducer)

    2 QUART KIT (set of one quart part A Finish, one quart part B Hardener, and Reducer)