Bo-Tuff Krystal Clear


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When you choose OMC Krystal Clear fiberglass you can count on it to be as Clear as fiberglass can possibly be.


How do we do it? Before shipping to OMC, Gordon’s Composites grades it eliminating the fiberglass that has excessive streaking. When we receive it our trained staff grades it a second and then a third time. Only the best, most perfect, blemish free glass receives the OMC stamp of approval and is certified as OMC Krystal Clear.


We consistantly receive glass that's made it through our rigid inspection process and looks near perfect - no streaks. Still, we understand that nothing can always be perfect – there may be an occasional small blemish. However, if you find any they shouldn’t be more than an inch long. Yes, nothing is perfect, but our triple grading system is pretty darned close.