Commercial Demands have Increased, we're not able to accept new orders till the New Year.


When do you ship?

Our goal is to ship everything in stock in 5 working days; however larger orders may take a bit longer.

Give us a call on shipping special and international orders.


Do you offer colored Gordon’s Bo-Tuff?

As Gordon Composite Corporation distributor, we have in stock 8 colors of Bo-Tuff – green, light & dark brown, white, red, light & dark grey, and black.  We also have in stock two standards of quality, clear glass. 


What is OMC Krystal Clear Bo-Tuff?

When you choose Krystal Clear fiberglass you can count on it to be streak free!


How do we do it? Before shipping to OMC, Gordon’s Composites grades it eliminating the fiberglass that has excessive streaking. When we receive it our trained staff grades it a second and then a third time. Only the best, most perfect, blemish free glass receives the OMC stamp of approval.


We constantly receive glass that has made it through our rigid inspection process and looks near perfect. Still, we understand that nothing can always be perfect – there may be an occasional small blemish. However, if you find any they shouldn’t be more than an inch long. Yes, nothing is perfect, but our triple grading system is pretty darned close.


How does the Bearpaw glass compare to Gordons? Does it streak or have imperfections? Will poundage hit similar to the same thickness Gordon glass?

The Bearpaw Roll Glass is good clarity.  Gordon's Glass is the best, it's stronger and we can grade it ourselves here at the shop for clarity.

The poundage with the Bearpaw glass will be about 5# lighter.  Keep that in mind when working out your bow weight formulas.

The main advantage to the Bearpaw Roll Glass is that you can cut it to exactly the length you want.  This is a big savings in that you're not wasting any material.  Out of a whole roll you can get another 5 to 6 bows by cutting to size!

Any other questions, give us a call at: 810-229-6462


Gordon Composite offers two kinds of Bo-Tuff fiberglass which is ULS and UL.  There is much miss-information on the importance of “ULS” glass.  For one thing, it’s not as clear as the UL glass because of the scrim.  The scrim was originally added to counterbalance issues with the polyester resins used in making the fiberglass.  Now, with new and improved epoxy resins the scrim is redundant and not necessary.  It has been rumored that the scrim in the ULS glass helps with lateral rigidity, but it does not.  So there is no real advantage to the ULS and it is much more expensive.

We believe Gordon’s UL glass is the best in the world for bow building.  It is very clear, especially, since we double inspect it for clarity.  We also offer “Crystal Clear” glass which is triple checked and certified for nearly, flawless clarity.


How accurate are OMC Laminations?

We have special grinding equipment that ensures precision ground laminations every time.  Bowyers miss weight when they don’t have laminations ground to perfection.  We use the very machines originally built for Old Master Crafters to make the most accurate laminations for you.  We make ours to within 0.001 of an inch over the entire length of the lamination!


Do you offer quantity discounts?

We offer several layers of quantity discounts on most laminations and fiberglass.  Click Here for our price discount sheet.  We also offer discounts to established bowyers.  Please contact us for more details.